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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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AA Average Audience
AAA American Association of Advertising Agencies
AAAA Associated Actors & Artists of America
AAF American Advertising Federation
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer
AAL-CU ATM Adaptation Layer Composite User
AAM ATM Adaptive Layer
AAPOR American Association for Public Opinion Research
AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
ABBE Adaptive Baseband Equalizer
ABES Association for Broadcast Engineering Standards
ABET Accrediation Baord for Engineering & Technology
ABU Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
AC Alternating Current
AC Adult Contemporary
AC Authentication Center
AC Adjacent Channel (in broadcast band)
ACA Advertising Council of America
ACAMBA American Community AM Broadcasters Association
ACATS Advisory Committee (to FCC) on Advanced Television Service
ACBB American Council for Better Broadcasting
ACC Automatic Chrominance/Contrast Control
ACC Alliance for Competitive Communications
ACE American Cinema Editors
ACELP Algebraic CELP
ACF AutoCorrelation Function
ACICIP Advisory Committee on Int'l Communications & Information Policy
ACISS Alliance for Competitive International Satellite Services
ACPR Adjacent Channel Protection Ratio
ACSB Amplitude Compandored Sideband
ACSP Advanced CSP
ACT Action for Children's Television
ACTA America's Carriers Telecommunications Association
ACTS Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (NASA)
ACTS All-Channel Television Society
ACTS Association of Cable Television Suppliers
ACTV Acvanced Compatible Television
ACTVA American Community TV Association
ACU Antenna Coupling Unit
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADC Analog-to-digital Converter
ADDS Application Data Delivery Service
ADF Ancillary Data Flag (In Digital Data Stream)
ADI Area of Dominant Influence
ADISD AdHoc on International Standards Development
ADP Automatic Data Processing
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADRA Administrative Dispute Resolution Act
ADRIS ADvanced Radio Information Service
ADS Alpha Delta Sigma (advertising fraternity)
ADSL Asychronous Digital Subscriber Line
ADSLF Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Forum
AEA Actors Equity Association
AEA American Electronics Association
AEI American Enterprise Institue
AER Alpha Epsilon Rho - College Broadcast Fraternity
AES Audio Engineering Society
AF Audio Frequency
AFA Audio Frequency Amplifier
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFCCE Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers
AFD Average Fade Duration
AFI American Film Institute
AFL American Federation of Labor
AFL After Fader Listening (in mixing console)
AFM American Federation of Musicians
AFN Armed Forces Network
AFRTS Armed Forces Radio & Television Service
AFSK Audio Frequency Shift Keying
AFT Automatic Fine Tuning
AFTRA American Federation of Television & Radio Artists
AFTRCC Aerospace Flight Test Radio Coordinating Council
AGAC American Guild of Actors & Composers
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGL Above Ground Level
AGMA American Guild of Musical Artists
AGNI AdHoc Group on Network Issues
AGVA American Guild of Variety Artists
AHAAT Antenna Height Above Average Terrain
AHAG AdHoc on Authentication Group
AHG Ad Hoc Group
AHORA American Hispanic Owned Radio Association
AHRA Audio Home Recording Act
AIAA Association of International Advertising Agencies
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
AIBD Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development
AID Arbitron Information on Demand
AIG Authentication Implementation Guide
AIM Accuracy in Media
AIM Amplitude Intermodulation Distortion
AIM Association for Interactive Media
AIRS American Inter-Tribal Radio Society
AITS Association of Independent Television Stations
Akey A secret, 64bit pattern stored in the MS and HLR/AC.
ALC Automatic Level Control
ALF American Legal Foundation
ALI automatic location information
ALI Automatic Location Information (of calling telephone)
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
ALPTVA American Low Power TV Association
ALTS Association for Local Telecommunications Services
ALTV Association of Local TV (Stations)
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMC American Meteorological Society
AMCEL Asociacion Mexicana de Concesionarios de Telefonia Celular
AMCP Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
AMDS Amplitude Modulated Data Service (for AM Stations)
AMF Asia Multimedia Forum
AMOL Automated Measurement of Lineup
AMPAS Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service/System
AMSS Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
AMST Association of Maximum Service Telecasters
AMTA American Mobile Telecommunications Association
AMTOR Amateur [Radio] Teleprinting Over Radio
AMTS Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
AMVB Association of Music Video Broadcasters
ANA Association of National Advertisers
ANI Automatic Number Identification (of telephone calls)
ANOVA Automated Measurement of Lineups (statistical procedure)
ANPA American Newspaper Publishers Association
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOPA Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
AOR Album Oriented Rock (program format)
AOR All Over the Road (undefined program format)
AOW Asia-Oceania Workshop
APA Administrative Procedures Act
APB Associated Press Broadcasters
APC Adaptive Predictive Coding (in signal compression systems)
APCC American Public Communications Council
APCO Association of Public-safety Communications Officers
APCO Association of Public Safety Communications Officials
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APF All-Pass Filter
APFD Aggregate Power Flux Density
API Application Programming Interface
APL Average Picture Level
APPA American Public Power Association
APR American Public Radio
APTF Anti-Piracy Task Force (of SBCA)
APTS Association of Public Television Stations
AQH Average Quarter Hour (used in program ratings)
ARB American Research Bureau
ARC Automatic Reverse Charging (in telephone service)
ARCH Automatic Remote Cassette Handler
ARF Advertisers Research Foundation
ARFA Allied Radio Frequency Agency (Europe)
ARFCN Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
ARIB Association of Radio Industries & Business (Japan)
ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
ARMIS Automated Reporting Management Information System (FCC)
ARMS All Radio Market Study)
ARO Active Resonator Oscillator
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request (in data transmission systems)
ARRS Association of Radio Reading Services
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collections
ART Authorite de Regulation des Telecommunications (France)
ART Authentication Request Timer
ASBU Arab States Broadcasting Union
ASC American Society of Cinematographers
ASCAP American Society of Composers
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
ASIC Application-Specific integrated circuit
ASK Amplitude Shift Keying
ASPEC Asymptotic Perceptual Entropy Coding/Coder
ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
ASTA Advertisers Syndicated Television Association
ATC Ancillary Time Code
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATC Adaptive Transform Coding (in compression coding systems)
ATCT Air Traffic Control Tower
ATDE Adaptive Time Domain Equalizer
ATDMA Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATEC Advanced Television Evaluation Center (in Canada)
ATEL Advanced Television Evaluation Center (in Canada)
ATFP Alliance of Television & Film Producers
ATIS Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM JIG ATM Japan Interest Group
ATMA American Mobile Telecommunications Association
ATMS Advanced Transportation Management Systems
ATR Audio Tape Recorder
ATRAC Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATRC Advanced Television Research Consortium
ATRU African Radio & Television Union
ATS Automatic Transmission System
ATS Abstract Test Suite
ATS American Teleivision Society
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATTC Advanced Television Technology Center (formerly Test Center)
ATU Antenna Tuning Unit
ATV Advanced Television
AVC Automatic Voltage Control
AVI automatic vehicle identification
AVMMS Audio Video Multi-Media Services
AWG American Wire Gauge for electrical wiring
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noise
AWRT American Women in Radio & Television

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