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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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C/CS County Coverage Service
C/I Carrier to Interference (ratio)
C/I Carrier to Interference Ratio
C/N Carrier to Noise Ratio
CA Conditional Access (TV PPV or subscriber control)
CAB Canadian Association of Broadcasters
CAB Cable Television Advertising Bureau
CAB Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting
CABSC Canadian Advanced Broadcast Systems Committee
CAI Common Air Interface
CAI Common Air Interface Standards
CALEA Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act
CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
CAM Carrierless Amplitude Modulation
CAMS Cable Audience Measurement Study
CAPAC Composers Authors & Publishers Assn. of Canada.
CARP Copyright Arbitration Rate Panel
CARS Community Antenna Relay Service
CARU Children's Advertising Review Unit
CASIE Coalition for Ad-Supported Information & Entertainment
CATA Community Antenna Television Association
CATI Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CATS Center for Advanced Television Studies
CATV Cable Television (originally Community Antenna TV)
CATV Community Antenna Television (original use of CATV)
CAV Constant Angular Velocity (laser recording systems)
CAVE Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
CAVS Component Analog Video Signal
CBA Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (United Kingdom)
CBA Community Broadcasters Association
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBF Digital Beam Forming
CBO Congress of Broadcast Organizations
CBO Congressional Budgit Office
CBO Continuous Bit-Stream Oriented (services)
CBO Control Board operator
CBR Constant Bit Rate
CBU Caribbean Broadcasting Union
CC Closed-Captioned
CCB FCC Common Carrier Bureau
CCC Citizens Communication Center
CCD Charge Coupled Device (used in TV cameras)
CCIP Committee on Communications & Information (of the IEEE)
CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee (Renamed RS)
CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et
Téléphonique (known today as the ITU-T)
CCITT The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee
CCM Carrier Controlled Modulation
CCR Central Control Room
CCSB Clear Channel Broadcasting Service
CCT Closed Circuit Test
CCT Consultative Committee on Telecommunications
CCTA Canadian Cable Television Association
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCU Camera Control Unit
CD Compact Disc (digital audio recordings)
CDA Communications Decency Act
CDBS Consolidated DataBase System
CDCP Call Data Collection Point
CDF Cumulative Distribution Function
CDG CDMA Development Group (see CDMA)
CDG CDMA Development Group
CDGP Call Data Generation Point
CDIS Call Data Information Source
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data
CD-R Compact Disc - Recordable
CDRB Committee for Digital Radio Broadcasting
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory (in computer systems)
CDRP Call Data Rating Point
CDS Cinema Digital Sound
CDV Compressed Digital Video
CD-V Compact Disc Video
CE Chief Engineer (chief station operator)
CEBA Communications Excellence to Black Americans
CEC Commission of the European Communities
CEDAR Computer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration
CEDIA Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association
CEG/EIA Consumer Electronics Group of EIA (renamed CEMA)
CELP Code Exited Linear Predictive coding
CEM Civil Emergency Message (for EAS operations)
CEMA Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
CEMA Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (was CEG/EIA)
CENELEC Committee European for Electrotechnical Standardization
CEPT Council of European Postal & Telegraph (Administrations)
CES Consumer Electronics Society (society of IEEE)
CES Consumer Electronics Show (exhibit sponsored by CEB/EIA)
CES Consolidated Earth Station (FCC term)
CF Collection Function [Intercept]
CFA Consumer Federation of America
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFR Can't Find the Road (undefined program format)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CGI Common Gateway Interface (used primarily for Internet programming)
CH Critical Hours
CHR Contemporary Hit Radio (program format)
CHUT Cable Households Using Television
CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability
CIB FCC Compliance and Information Bureau (Formerly FOB))
CIC Carrier Identification Code
CIC Creative Incentive Coalition
CICATS Computer Industry Coalition on Advanced Television Service
CIP Communications & Information Policy Bureau (of State Dept.)
CIRT Mexican Association of Broadcasters
CISN Cable Integrated Services Network
CISPR International Special (IEC) Committee on Radio Interference
CITEL InterAmerican Telecommunication Commission
CITEL Inter-American Telecommunications Conference
CIX Commercial Internet eXchange Association
CLEC Competative Local Exchange Carrier
CLEI Common Language Equipment Identifier
CLI Cumulative Leakage Index
CLIP Connected Line Identification Presentation (Phone Caller ID)
CLIR Connected Line Identification Restriction (blocks caller ID)
CLV Constant Linear Velocity (laser recording systems)
CMBA Concert Music Broadcasters Association
CME Center for Media Education
CMEA Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm
CMESFET Concentric Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
CMF Cymomotive Force (field strength in mV/m at 1 km)
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMRF Combined Mode Resonant Filter
CMRR Common Mode Rejection Ratio
CMRS Commercial Mobile Radio Services
CMS Combined Symbol Matching
CMSA Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area
CMT Cellular Messaging Teleservice
CNAP Calling Name Presentation
CNI Calling Number Identification
CNIP Calling Name Identification Presentation
CNIR Calling Number Identification Restriction (Calling phone)
CNIR Calling Name Identification Restriction
CO Central Office (in switched telephone system)
CODEC Coder-Decoder
COFDM Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
COLE Commercial Operator License Examination (FCC)
COLRAM Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement (NAB)
COMAR Committee on Man and Radiation
CONTAM Committee on National Television Audience Measurement (NAB)
CONTRAM Committee on Local TV & Radio Audience Measurement (obsolete)
COO Chief Operating Officer
COPS Complex Operations Per Second
COS Corporation for Open Systems International
COST European Cooperation in Scientific & Technical Research
COTS Commercial Off The Shelf
CP Circular Polarization
CP Construction Permit
CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CPCS Common Program Control Station for EBS
CPD Commission on Presidential Debates
CPD Committee for Prudent Deregulation
CPDC Cellular Digital Packet Data
CPDM Companded Predictive Delta Modulation
CPE Customer Premises Equipment (phone & data network system)
CPG Conference Preparatory Group
CPGRP Cost per Gross Rating Point
CPM Characters Per Minute
CPM Conference Preparatory Meeting (ITU World Radio Conference)
CPM Cost per Thousand
CPN Calling Party Number (Telephone)
CPP Calling-Party Pays (telephone calls)
CPP Cost per Point
CPS Communications Processing Systems
CPS Cable Program Service
CPST Cable Programming Services Tier
CPW Coplanar Waveguide
CRC Canadian Research Council
CRC Cycle Redundancy Clock
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check (digital data error check)
CREAM Cosmic Radiation Effects & Activation Monitor
CRSS Commercial Remote Sensing System (by Satellite)
CRT Cathode Ray Tube (video monitor)
CRT Copyright Royalty Tribunal
CRTC Canadian Radio Television & Telecommunications Commission
CS Check Sum (in digital data transmissions)
CS Close Shot in Video or Film Production
CSA Canadian Standards Association
CSA Canadian Standards Association
CSB FCC Cable Services Bureau
CSC Customer Service Center
CSD Circuit Switched Data
CSE Citizens for a Sound Economy
CSM Combined Signal Monitoring
CSO Composite Second Order (signal beat interference)
CSSB Companded (Compandored) Single SideBand
CSSB Compatible Single SideBand
CSU Channel Service Unit
CSWEC Center for Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility
CT Cordless Telephone
CTA Children's Television Act (of 1990)
CTA Cable Telecommunications Association
CTAM Cable Television Administration & Marketing Society
CTB Composite Triple Beat (multiple signal beat interference)
CTCM Chrominance Time-Compression Luminance Multiplex
CTD Charge Transfer Device
CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTED Coalition to Enhance Diversity
CTIA Cellular Telephone Industries Association
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTO Chief Technical Officer
CTR Common Technical Regulations
CTS Communications Technology Satellite
CTSA Comprehensive Telecommunications Site Assessment(s)
CTV Conventional Television (Analog NTSC, PAL & SECAM)
CTY Country Music Program Format
CU Close Up (view in video or film production)
CUB Council for UHF Broadcasters
CUID Community Unit Identification (FCC Cable Bureau Number)
CUME Cumulative Audience
CUT Coordinated Universal Time (see UTC)
CV Composite Video
CVCC Canadian Videotext Consultative Committee
CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition
CVDL Continuous Variable Delay Line
CVR Cell Delay Variation
CVSD Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
CW Continuous Wave (Radio signal without modulation)
CW Call Waiting (in telephone service)
CWA Communications Workers of America
CWAAA Contract With America Advancement Act

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