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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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D/U Desired to Undesired [signal] Radios
DA Direct Access
DA Directional Antenna
DA Distribution Amplifier
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting (see also DRB & DSB)
DAC Digital-to-Audio Converter/Conversion
DAD Digital Audio Disc (same as Compact Disc)
DAD Telephone Answering Device
DAF Demographic Adjustment Factor
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAP Digital Audio Processing/Processor
DAP Digital Acoustics Processor
DAR Digital Audio Radio
DAR Digital Audio Recorder/Recording
DARC DAta Radio Channel (FM Digital Subcarrier System)
DARS Digital Audio Radio Services
DAS Data Acquistion System
DASH Digital Audio Stationary Head Tape Recorder
DAT Digital Audio Tape/Technology
DATS Digital Audio Transmission Service
DATV Digitally Assisted Television
DAVIC Digital Audio-Visual Council
DAVID Digital Audio-Video Interactive Decoder
DAWS Digital Audio Work Station
DB Delayed Broadcast
DB Decibel - logarithmic ratio values (abbrev. "dB")
DB DataBase
DBA Daytime Broadcasters Association (disbanded)
DBB Distributed Binary Bits
DBC Decibels (reference to carrier level)
DBF Decibels (referenced to 1 femtowatt)
DBI Decibels relative to Isotropic Antenna
DBK Decibels (referenced to 1 kilowatt)
DBM Decibels (reference to 1 milliwatt)
DBN Digital Block Number
DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite/Service
DBSA Direct Broadcast Satellite Association (now SBCA)
DBU Decibels (referenced to 1 microwatt)
DBV Decibels (referenced to 1 volt)
DBW Decibels (referenced to 1 watt)
DBW/HZ Decibels Relative to 1 Watt per Hertz
DBW/M2 Decibels relative to 1 Watt per Square Meter
DBW/M2/HZ Decibels Referenced to 1 Watt per Square Meter per Hertz
DC Data Count (in digital data stream)
DC Direct Current
DCC Digital Compact Cassette (consumer recording system)
DCCD Digital Charged Coupled Device
DCDC Desired Characteristics and Decision Criteria
DCDM Digitally Controlled Delta Modulation
DCFL Direct Coupled Field Effect (transistor) Logic
DCL Digital Composite Limiter
DCPM Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DCPSK Differential Coherent Phase Shift Keying
DCR Digital Cable Radio
DCS Digital Command Signal
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform (used in video digital compression
DCTV Digital Color Television
DDA Digital Differential Analyzer
DDD Direct (Long) Distance Dialing
DDR Digital Disk Recorder
DDS Digital Data Service/System
DDS Direct Digital Synthesis
DE Director of Engineering
DEDS Digital Error Detection System
DEMS Digital Electronic Message Service
DEMUX Demultiplexer
DES Digital Encryption Standard
DES Digital Encryption Standard
DES Digital Echo Suppressor
DESC Defence Electronic Supply Center
DF Delivery Function [Intercept]
DFD Digital Frequency Discriminator
DFFMS Digital Feedback Frequency Modulation System
DFM Digital Frequency Meter
DFPS Digital Ferrite Phase Shifter
DFT Direct Fourier Transform
DFTC Drop-Frame Time Code
DGA Directors Guild of America
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DI Directivity Index (of Loudspeakers)
DID Digital Idenification [word] (in digital data stream)
DID Digital Information Display
DID Data IDentification
DIN Deutsche Institut fur Normung (German Standards Institute)
DIP Dual Inline Package integrated circuit assembly
DIS Digital Identification Signal
DISCO Domestic Intersatellite Coordination Organization
DITF Disabilities Issues Task Force (FCC group)
DIVINE Digital Video Narrow-band Emission
DJ Disk Jockey (announcer for programs of recorded music)
DLC Digital Logic Circuit
DLL Dynamic Link Library (used in Personal Computer programs)
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DLVA Detector Log Video Amplifer
DM Delta Modulation
DMA Direct Memory Access (in computers)
DMA Designated Market Area
DMA Digital Manufacturers Alliance
DMC Digital Micro Circuit
DMH Data Message Handler
DMM Digital Multimeter (used for servicing electronic equipment)
DMM Direct Metal Master (for LP record manufacturing)
DMO Demonstration Operation (for EAS operations)
DMS Digital Multiplex System
DMSP Defence Metorological Satellite Program
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
DMT Discrete Multi-Tone
DN Directory Number
DN Digital Number
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DNA Data Not Available
DNI Digital Network Interface
DO Drift Oprbit (satellites)
DOC Department of Commerce (USA)
DOC Department of Communications (Canadian)
DOE Department of Education
DOM Digital Output Module
DOS Denial of Service (in telephone systems)
DOS Disk Operating System (in personal computers)
dpANS Draft Proposed American National Standard
DPDT Double Pole - Double Throw (switch)
DPS Department of Public Safety
DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPST Double Pole - Single Throw (switch)
DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory (for computers)
DRAW Direct Read After Write (optical data disk)
DRB Digital Radio Broadcasting (see also DAB & DSB)
DRBC Digital Radio Broadcasting Committee
DRC Dynamic Range Control
DRFM Digital Radio Frequency Memory
DRO Dielectric Resonator Oscillator
DRRI Digital Radio Research, Inc. (Canada)
DRRS Digital Radio Relay System
DRS Digital Reference Sequence
DRS Data Relay Satellite
DSB Double Sideband (used in AM broadcast service)
DSB Digital Sound Broadcast (see also DAR & DRB)
DSB Digital Storage Buffer
DSC Digital Selective Calling
DSCQS Double Stimulus Continuous Quality Scale
DSI Detailed Spectrum Investigation (CEPT project)
DSK Downstream Keyer
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSMCC Digital Storage Media Command & Control
DSN Digital Switched Network
DSNG Digital Satellite News Gathering
DSO Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSP Digital Sound Program
DSP Digital (audio) Signal Processing
DSR Digital Satellite Radio
DSS Digital Satellite System
DSS Digital Subscriber Signaling (digital network systems)
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSU Data Service Unit
DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data Forum
DTC Digital Television Camera
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTE Department of Telecommunications & Energy (state agency)
DTF Distance to Fault
DTH Direct to Home (satellite TV program services)
DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (telephone tones for numbers)
DTS Digital Trunk Signaling (digital network systems)
DTS Digital Test Sequence/Signal
DTT Digital Terrestrial Transmission
DTTB Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
DTTR Digital Television Tape Recorder
DTTV Digital Terrestrial Television
DTV Digital Television
DTVM Digital Television Monitor
DUT Device Under Test
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
DVCR Digital View Cassette Recorder
DVD Digital Video Disc
DVE Digital Video Effects/Editing
DVM Digital Volt Meter
DVN Digital Video Network
DVOM Digital Volt-Ohm Meter
DVS Descriptive Video Service
DVTR Digital Video Television Recorder
DW Deutsche Welle (German International Broadcast Service)
DWC Digital Wireless Communications
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex(ing)
DWF Drawing Web Format (Used in WWW documents)
DX Long Distance Communications

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