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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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M/X Mix Effects
MAC Multiplex Analog Component TV Transmission
MAC Medium Access Control
MACP Motion Adaptive Color Processing
MADI Multichannel Audio Digital Interface
MAF Minimum Audible Field
MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAP Mobility Application Part
MAP Multiple Access Protocol (in digital networks)
MAP Media Access Project
MAT Mobile Aeronautical Telemetry
MBS Most Significant Bit (in digital coding)
MBS Message Broadcast Service
MC Magnetic Cartridge (phonograph pickup)
MC Message Center
MCC Mobile Country Code
MCI Multiplex Configuration Information
MCNS Multimedia Cable Network System
MCP Multimode Communications Processor
MCPC Multiple Channel(s) Per Carrier
MCPC Mobile Computing Promoting Consortium
MCR Master Control Room
MCS Multichannel Sound for TV
MCTV Multichannel TV
MCU Medium Close Up Shot in Video or Film Production
MD MiniDisc
MDC Multistage Depressed Collector (TV transmitter tube type)
MDCT Modified Discreate Cosign Transform
MDG Multimedia Development Group
MDN Mobile Directory Number
MDP Mobile Data Peripheral
MDS Multidimensional Scaling (used in statistical analysis)
MDS Multipoint Distribution Service
MDU Multiple Dwelling Unit (Apartment, Condominium buildings)
MEA Mobile Electronics Association
MEO Medium Earth Orbit (satellite)
MEOV Maximum Expected Operating Value (AM directional antennas)
MER Message Error Rate
MERPS Multiple Event Record & Playback System
MES Mobile Earth Station
MES Mobile (Radio) End System
MESFET Metal Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MF Medium Frequency (300 kHz to 3 MHz used in AM broadcasting)
MFJ Modified Final Judgement
MFRT Ministry of Radio, Film & TV (Chinese Government)
Mhz Megahertz
MIB Management Information Base
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
MIN Mobile Identification Number
MIRF Master International Frequency Register (of ITU)
MIRS Multipath Interference Reduction System
MISSI Multilevel Information Systems Security Initiative
MLS Medium Long Shot in Video or Film Production
MM Metered Market Service
MMA Millimeter (antenna) Array
MMB FCC Mass Media Bureau
MMCF Multi-media Communications Forum
MMDS Multichannel-Multipoint Distribution Service
MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMITS Modular Multifunction Information Transfer System
MMTA MultiMedia Telecommunications Association
MMTC Minority Media & Telecommunications Council
MMW Millimeter Wave(s)
MMWMC Millimeter MicroWave Monolithic Circuit
MNA Multi-Network Area
MNC Mobile Network Code
MO&O FCC Memorandum Opinion & Order
MOL Maximum Operating Level
MOMA Message Oriented Middleware Association
MOP Minute of Program
MOPA Mobile Office Promotion Association
MOR Middle of the Road (radio programming format)
MOS Mit Out Sound (films without sound)
MOSFET Metal oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOT Main (Satellite) Operating Terminal
MOT(P) Multimedia Object Transfer (Protocal)
MOTP Multimedia Object Transfer Protocol
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MP Monitoring Point (for AM directional antenna systems)
MP Modified Permit
MPA Multiple Product Advertisement
MPAA Motion Picture Association of America
MPAC Multichannel Perceptual Audio Coding
MPE Maximum Permissible Exposure (EMR or RF level)
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group of the ISO
MPH Miles Per Hour
MPR Maximum Permitted Rate (Cable TV Charges)
MPSK Minimum Phase Shift Keying
MPSR Multipath Power Sensitivity Ratio
MPTV Multi-Program Television
MPX Multiplex(ed)
MRC Mobile (Radio) Router and Control
MRC Media Research Center
MRS Minimum Reporting Standards (for audience ratings)
MS Mobile Station
M-S Mid-Side (Stereo recording technique)
MSA Metropolitan Statistical Area
MSAF Multimedia Service Affiliate Forum
MSAT Mobile Satellite
MSB Most Significant Bit
MSBC Modified Sub-Band Coding
MSC Message Sequence Chart
MSC Mobile Switching Center
MSC Mobile Switching Station
MSC Main Service Channel
MSI Market Statistics Inc.
MSIN Mobile Station Identification Number
MSK Minimum Shift Keying
MSO Multiple System Operator (CATV)
MSO Mobile Switching Office
MSS Mobile Satellite Service
MST Association of Maximum Service Telecasters
MTA Major Trading Area
MTA Major Trading Area
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure(s)
MTBR Mean Time Between Repair(s)
MTS Message Telecommunications Services
MTS Multichannel Television Sound
MTTF Mean Time to Failure
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
MTV Music Television
MUF Maximum Usable Frequency (in HF broadcasting)
MUSE Multiple Sub-Nyquist Sampling Encoding (for TV)
MUSICAM Masking-pattern Universal Subband Integrated Coding & Multiplex
MUX Multiplex communications transmissions
MVDS Multi-Video Distribution Service/System (also MMDS)
MVPD Multichannel Video Programming Distributor
MWC Multi-Way Calling (Telephone conference call service)
MWN Message Waiting Notification (in telephone service)
MX Mutually Exclusive Condition (conflicting FCC applications)

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