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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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P&A Privacy & Authentication
PA Public Address System
PA Public Affairs
PA Power Amplifier
PAC Perceptual Audio Coding
PAC Political Action Committee
PACA Priority Access & Channel Assignment
PACCT Political Action Committee for Cable Television
PACT Private Access Communications Terminals (satellite
PAD Program Associated Data
PAL Phase Alternate Line (TV System used in Europe &
PASC Precision Adaptive Sub-band Coding
PAT Program Association Table (Digital Television
PBA Broadcast Promotion Association
PBCM Bechmark Cost Proxy Model (used by FCC)
PBS Public Broadcasting Service
PBX Private Branch (telephone) Exchange
PC Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCB Polychlorinated Biphenyl (fluid used in electrical equip.)
PCC Pre-Paid Calling Card
PCCA Portable Computer and Communications Association
PCCA Portable Computer Communications Association
PCCIP President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure
PCI Price Cap Index
PCI Personal Communications Interface
PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association
PCISIG Peripheral Component Interconnect Special
Working Group
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCN Personal Communications Network(s)
PCS Personal Communications Service
PCS Personal Communications Service (System)
PD Program Director - Production Director
PD Public Domain Material
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDA PreDetermined Arc (for satellite operation)
PDC Personal Digital Cellar (system)
PDC Program Delivery Control (by code within video signal)
PDM Pulse Duration Modulation
PDN Public Data Network
PDNR Preliminary Draft New Recommendation (ITU process)
PDP Programmable Digital Processor
PDT Published Data Tapes
PDU Protoccol Data Unit
PE Professional Engineer Registered or Licensed
PEG Public, Educational & Government (Cable TV Channels)
PEP Primary Entry Point (for EAS Operations)
PEPAC Primary Entry Point Advisory Committee (for EBS)
PES Personal Earth Station (similar to VSAT)
PFD Power Flux Density (satellite signal level reference)
PFL Pre-Fade Listening (in mixing console)
PFWA People for the American Way
PGA Producers Guild of America
PHS MoU Personal Handyphone System Memorandoum
of Understanding Group
PI Per Inquiry
PIAF PHS Internet Access Forum
PIBA Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association
PIC Primary/Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier
PICC Prescubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge
PICMG PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PICON Public Interest Convennce & Necessity
PICS Protocal Implementation Conformance Statement
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection
PIM Pulse Interval Modulation
PIN Personal Identification Number (password)
PIP Picture in Picture (TV receiver feature)
PIRS FCC Public Information and Reference Services
PIV Peak Inverse Voltage
PIXIT Protocol Information Extra Implementation Testing
PLL Phase Lock(ed) Loop
PLMRC Private Land Mobile Radio Communications
PLP Presentation Level Protocol
PLT Private Line Telecommunications Circuit
PLUGE Picture Line-Up Generating Equipment
PM Permanent Magnet
PM Program Manager
PMR Private Mobile Radio
PMRC Parents Music Resource Center
PMSA Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area
PMT Program Map Table (digital TV term)
PN Pseudo-Noise
PN Participating National (for EAS Operations)
PNDB Percieved Noise (in) Decibels
PNO Program Number (indexing on DAT recordings}
POA Point of Acquisition (for evaluating TV systems)
POCS Plain Old Cellular Service (Analog)
POCS Proximity Operations Communication System
POE Panel of Experts
POF Consortium Plastic Optic Fiber Consortium
POFS Private Operational Fixed Service
POM Perceptual Objective Model (for digital audio
codec testing)
POM Professional Owners & Managers
POTS Plain Old Telephone Service
POU Point of Unusibility (for evaluating TV systems)
POV Point of View Shot in Video or Film Production
PPC Proof of Passing Certificate (FCC Operator
PPDN Public Packet Data Network
PPDV Person per Diary Value (used in program ratings)
PPH Persons per Household (used in program ratings)
PPI Peak Program (level) Indicator
PPI PCStoPCS Interference
PPIV Per-Person Interview Value (used in demographic studies)
PPM Parts Per Million
PPM Peak Program Meter
PPV Pay per View
PRB FCC Private Radio Bureau (Renamed WTB)
PRBS Pseudo Random Binary Sequence
PRC Public Radio Conference
PRF Pulse Repitition Frequency
PRI Primary Rate Interface (for digital network service)
PRI Public Radio International
PROSAT Program to Promote Satellite Communications
PRR Pulse Repition Rate
PRS Program Rating Summary Report
PSA Power Supplied to the Antenna
PSA Presunrise Service Authorization (see PSSA)
PSA Public Service Announcement
PSAP Public Safety Answering Point
PSB Public Service Broadcasting
PSCC Public Safety Communications Council
PSDMA Pseudo-Spacial Division Multiple Access
PSI Program-Specific Information
PSIP Program & System Information Protocol
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSM Pulse Step Modulation
PSO Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PSPDN Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSRA PreSunrise Authority
PSSA Post Sunset Authority
PSSC Public Service Satellite Consortium
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSWAC Public Service Wireless Advosory Committee
PTAR Prime Time Access Rule
PTC Parents Television Council
PTFP Public Television Funding Program (NTIA)
PTO Public Telecommunications Operator
PTT Push to Talk (microphone)
PTT Postal Telephone & Telegraph (administration)
PTV Pay Television
PTV Public Television (see NCETV & NCTV)
PTW Personal Wireless Telecommuncations
PUC Public Utilities Commission (of a particular state)
PUR Persons Using Radio (in audience rating reports)
PURC Pick-Up Record Capability (used in punch-in
PUT Persons Using Television (in audience rating
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride (common plastic material)
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
PZM Pressure Zone Microphone (tm)

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