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The A - Z of Telephone Accronyms

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T/R Transmit - Receive Earth Terminal
TA Terminal Adapter (CODEC to telephone circuit)
TA Traffic Announcement
TABD Trans-atlantic Business Dialog
TACS Total Access Communications System
TAG Technical AdHoc Group
TALO Total Audience Listening Output
TAP Telecommunications Advocacy Project
TAR Trading Area Report
TARPAC Television & Radio Political Action Committee
TARPEC Television & Radio Political Education Committee
TASO Television Allocations Study Organization
TBA To Be Announced
TBC Time Base Corrector
TBD To be Determined
TBR To be Recorded
TCA Television Critics Association
TCAP Transaction Capabilities Application Part
TCAU Telecommunications Contract and Audit Unit (FBI)
TCH Traffic Channel
TCM Trellis Code Modulation
TCP Transmission Conctrol Protocol
TD Technical Director
TDA U.S. Trade and Development Agency
TDAB Terrestrial Digital Audio Radio
TDAC Time Domain Alias Cancellation
TDCA Television Decoder Caircuitry Act (of 1990)
TDD Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf
TDFB Telecommunications Development Fund Board
TDFD Total Difference Frequency Distortion
TDM Time Domain Multiplexing
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDS Time Delay Spectrometry (for acoustics measurements)
TDSB Terrestrial Digital Sound Broadcasting
TDSS Television Data Systems Subcommittee (EIA)
TEF Time-Energy-Frequency (in acoustics measurements)
TELRIC Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost
TES Terminal Earth Station
TF Till Forbid (open ended advertising schedule)
TFM Total Fraud Management
TFN Till Further Notice (scheduled for broadcast)
TFT Thin Film Technology
TFTS Terrestrial Flight Telephone System (European)
TG Task Group (of the ITU Study Groups)
THD Total Harmonic Distortion
TI Terrestrial Interference to space communications
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association
TIC Transport Interconnection Charge
TIES Telecommunications Information Exchange Service
(of the ITU)
TII Transmitter Identification Information
TIIAP Telecommunications Information Infrastructure
Assistance Program
TILU Telecommunications Industry Liaison Unit (FBI)
TIM Transient Intermodulation Distortion
TINA-C Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture
TINC Telecommunications Information Network Consortium
TIO Television Information Office
TIS Travelers Information Service (on radio broadcast
TLDN Temporary Local Directory Number
TMC Traffic Message Channel
TMC Time Multiplex Component Video
TMF Tamed Frequency Modulation
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TMP Test Market Profile
TMS Technical & Management Support
TMSI Temporary Mobile Station Identity
TNAS Telephone Network Access Subsystem
TNC Terminal Node Controller
TNC Threaded (Neill Concelman) Connector (for small
coaxial cable)
TO Transfer Orbit (satellites)
TOC Television Operating Center
TOC Table of Contents (on inner track of Compact Disc)
TOG The Open Group
TOGAD Tone Operated Gain Adjusting Device
TOS Terms of Service
TOV Threshold of Visibility (in TV impairment testing)
TP Twisted Pair (Wire used for Computer & Phone networks)
TPO Transmitter Power Output
TR TransmitterReceiver
TRA Telecommunications Resellers Association
TRAC Telecommunications Research & Action Center
TRC Telecommunications Resellers Association
TRF Tuned Radio Frequency (type of receiver)
TRL Telemetry Return Link
TRO Temporary Restraining Order
TRS Telecommunications Relay Service
TRS Tip, Ring and Sleeve (three wire circuit patch plug)
TSA Total Survey Area
TSA Tsunami (Watch) Alert (for EAS Operations)
TSACC Telecommunications Standards Advisory Council of Canada
TSAG Telecommunication Sector Advisory Group (ITU Activity)
TSB Telecommunications Systems Bulletin.
TSCC Time Slot Control Channel
TSL Transmitter to Studio Link
TSL Time Spent Listening (used in audience studies)
TSS Telecommunication Standardization Sector (of the ITU)
TSSC Technical Standards Subcommittee
TT&C Tracking, Telemetry & Telecommand (satellite)
TTA Telecommunications Technology Association (Korea)
TTC Telecommunications Technology Committee
(Japannetwork interfaces)
TTCP Technology Transfer Control Plan
TTIB Transparent Tone In Band
TTNC Telemetry, Tracking & Network Control (satellite)
TTS Temporary Threshold Shift (in hearing)
TTY Teletypewriter Terminal
TU Typical Urban (area)
TVB Television Bureau of Advertising
TVBS Television Broadcast Satellite
TVI Television (reception) Interference
TVID Television Identification
TVR Television Recorder/Recording
TVRO TV Receive-only Satellite Earth Terminal
TVRS Television Viewer Response Service
TVSC Television Sound Channel
TWTA Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier
TWX Teletypewriter Exchange
TX Radio Transmitter

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