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Ever needed to communicate on a global scale... without wanting to travel or pay the earth?
If so BT's range of attended conference calling services could be for you.
These services enable you to quickly reach your customers, suppliers or staff whilst reducing your travel, and associated costs, at the same time. The benefits for your organisation could be huge. Think about how you deliver your training.

This could be the radical change you were looking for to reduce your training costs but without reducing its effectiveness.

BT's advance booked conferencing services provide a range of Conferencing solutions that can match to your requirements and offer the following benefits.

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All these are available now to help you achieve your goals and increase your profits by removing expense.
These following 3 services are available for you; Click on the name of a service for a more detailed explanation of the product.

BT Express
The simplest of booked audio conferencing allows up to 20 locations to dial into a conference using a unique Passcode. Click here
BT Plus
Add more features to make your conference really impress. BT Plus facilitates meetings with up to 20 locations. Click here
BT Premium
This is an ideal solution for events or conferences with over 20 participants. It offers a range of enhanced features. Click here
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Video calling - Ever needed to communicate on a global scale... without wanting to travel or pay the earth?
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Web conferencing
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