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10 Reasons to order BT Business Broadband Voice

ME Consultancy provides access to the BT portfolio for customers and partners.


Cost Certainty

  Unlimited Local and National UK (1) calls for just £14.99 a month for three months (2)  


Cost Effective Second Line

  A 'virtual' phone line is 64% cheaper than installing a conventional phone line
Add up-to 2 additional 'virtual' phone lines, each with its own 056 phone number

Use your second line for outbound calls, faxing or simply to free up your main number for those important business calls - you can choose to give a dedicated phone number to regular customers or suppliers


Home Working

  Home working is on the increase. Add Business Broadband Voice to:
- Separate business and personal calls with different numbers for easy bill analysis
- Appear to work from anywhere in the UK as '05' phone numbers are non-geographic


Professional Call Management

  On average, 25% of business calls are lost or unanswered, and 34% of business callers who don't get through won't try again Don't miss out on important calls, with inclusive calling features such as Call Forward, 1571 answering, Caller Display, 3-way Calling and many more Calling Features are easily managed online so you can change your calling preferences wherever you are, as long as there's an internet connection  


Call Quality

  Voice clarity is much better than a mobile phone. It's unlikely either you or your caller will notice the difference to a normal phone line

Voice degradation may occur if more than two PCs are performing heavy data transfer via broadband


Easy Self-install

  A welcome pack contains your login details and equipment, plus a quick-start guide with CD-ROM means you'll be up and running before you know it

Unlike some software based internet calling services you can use your existing phone handset - simply plug it into the router and away you go


Intelligent Connection

  Unlike some other 'voice over Internet' suppliers, Business Broadband Voice does not require the PC to be turned on

Most phones are compatible too - just plug it into your Broadband router and you can make and receive calls just as you would through a conventional phone line


Simple billing

  To help reduce bill complexity and enable you to stay in-control you'll receive separate bills for your Business Broadband and Business Phone Line  


Support & Backup

  Broadband Voice does not affect or change your existing phone line and number, so if you experience PC or Broadband connection problems you can still make and receive calls over your main phone line until the problem is fixed

You will also have the support of a 24/7 Freefone technical helpdesk


Tomorrows technology today

  By 2010, BT expects that most voice calls will be made across broadband. So embrace tomorrow’s technology today!  

Communications made easy   Please note that calls may be monitored or recorded.   Help reduce your carbon footprint
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