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BT Business Total Broadband Option 1

Introduce your business to broadband's benefits – and open up fresh opportunities. BT Business Broadband Option 1 is ideal for individuals or smaller businesses.
Form 19.79
Monthly ex VAT
When signing up for 24 months, or 21.99
(ex VAT) per month
for 12 months
  • 24/7 helpdesk support
  • FREE anti-virus and firewall
  • FREE email and web space
  • FREE VoIP line (Business Broadband Voice)

Key features of Option 1

10GB Speed & Bandwidth Icon
Speed & Bandwidth
up to 8Mbps download speed and 10GB monthly usage allowance.
Download speeds of up to 8Mbps
Business broadband from BT is offered at speeds of up to 8Mbps
(8 'meg'), your actual connection speed will depend on a number of factors; including the distance you are from your local telephone exchange.

10GB monthly usage limit
With a monthly usage allowance of 10GB each month, Option 1 is suitable for the majority of Business users. If you do occasionally go over this limit, don't worry, a small excess charge will appear on your next bill.
E-mail Icon
Business Essentials
Get 10 email accounts (with anti- virus and anti-spam filtering), plus 20MB web space.
You will also benefit from extensive webmail functionality via BT Webmail with a Microsoft Outlook® user interface, which means you can pick up your email from any internet connected PC. Incoming email will be protected by virus scan and anti-spam filter. There is also 20Mb webspace to host your website.
Business Voice (VoIP) Icon
Business Voice (VoIP)
Free VoIP line when you order today (you won't have to pay rental for as long as your broadband contract lasts).
BT Business Broadband Voice is a VoIP service, which allows you to make and receive calls over your BT Business Total Broadband line using a normal telephone.

Special offer
Subscribe to BT Business Total Broadband before 28th April 2007 and you can sign up to a free BT Broadband Voice virtual phone line. As long as you keep the broadband connection you'll pay no rental on the new virtual telephone line. At current rates, that's a saving of 60 a year. With an additional virtual phone line you can use it for outbound calls, keeping your existing line free for incoming calls, use it as a dedicated fax line, separate private and business calls if you work at home or give someone in the office a line of their own.
The BT Business Hub combines a modem, router, hub and wireless access point with a built-in firewall.
A choice of router
You can choose from either the BT Business Hub, which allows you to connect more than one computer to broadband and has wireless capability (79 one off charge, ex VAT), or the BT Voyager 220V which is ideal for a single user (49 one off charge, ex VAT). Both are compatible with BT Business Broadband Voice.

A choice of router is available for no extra charge with Option 2, 3 and Network.

Activation & installation
Your phone line will be converted to broadband on your activation date, which you can select as part of the order process.

We will also send you a Welcome Pack, which includes your BT Business Hub, or BT Voyager 220V, and all the essentials required to connect to your broadband enabled line.
Workspace Icon
Workspace Lite
Share and store information online with an extranet all your employees can access.
This tool provides businesses with one place to store documents allowing them to share information and work collaboratively with customers and suppliers. It has the added benefit of backing up important files in one place.

Information on how to access your Workspace will be included in your broadband welcome email.
Security Icon
Internet Security
'Internet Security Pack Basic' helps to protect your PC when you're online, from hackers or viruses.
The anti-virus protection guards against malicious programs and the firewall protects your PC against hackers.

Information on how to download this software will be included in your broadband welcome email.
Support Icon
24/7 business helpdesk support, via email or
24/7 Business helpdesk (via email or telephone call) means that there will always be someone on hand to help answer your questions and help you with any technical or connection issues you may be having.

There's also a free helpline which reports on our network status, so you will always be kept in the picture.

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