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Business Plan - Monitoring and Analysis Tools

How much do you know about the calls your are getting, or more importantly, the calls you are NOT getting?

You can see by walking around how long it takes a member of staff to answer a phone call.  But have you got time to do it regularly?

How do you measure the number of calls that you don't receive because the line was engaged?  Confident they will call you back when you have time?  How confident?

How many calls actually never get answered?

Isn't it time you knew all this?  How much is your company losing out by not knowing?

BT can provide an itemised breakdown of call analysis reports.  By monitoring month on month you can establish how efficient your service levels are.  You can truly learn when your peak times of the day/week/month/year are - and then plan for it!

Business Plan customers can sign up for call analysis reports and try the service FREE for 6 months*.

As an extra reward, customers who sign up for Business Plan commitment levels of £30,000 or £100,000 can receive unlimited reports for the duration of your contract.*

Another great FREE offer for you

* If your call commitment is £500-£5000 (per site, per annum) you are entitled to 1 report per site, per quarter, FREE for a period of 6 months.  Each report will cover a maximum of 50 telephone lines.  Any additional lines will require a second report which will be charged at normal prices.

If your annual call commitment is greater than £5000, you can receive unlimited reports for the duration of your BT Business Plan contract for FREE. 

This service is available on application only.

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