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Business Plan - Pricing Information - UK bound calls

To be eligible for Business Plan you must commit to BT that you will spend an agreed amount on eligible calls with them over the ensuing 12 months. This is known as the committed call spend.
Simple Pricing
The higher your committed call spend is, the lower the rates become. BT are now offering their lowest ever prices, as low as 2.3 pence per minute for local and national calls!

The current commitment levels available are shown below. Each is an annual figure and is subject to some restrictions. Click on the figure to open a new window with the relevant pricing.
10p Capped Call Costs*
With Business Plan National and Local rate calls need cost no more than 10p. As long as the call lasts less than an hour then it will be capped at 10p. You do the maths - that's huge savings!
Benefit Your Business
So now you can stay on the phone as long as needed to satisfy your customers needs without it costing you the earth. Brilliant!

Have a look at the pricing tables below and see for yourself how much you could be saving. A few calculations now might surprise you. How many of your suppliers are offering such big discounts?
* Call costs based on a subscription to BT Business Plan and subject to an annual call spend threshold. Pence per minute rates apply after 60 minutes. Applies to UK calls only excluding non-geographic numbers (0845, 0870, Internet and premium rate). Pence per minute rates apply once the total number of capped calls from any one line to a single number exceeds an average of 4 hours per day in any calendar month.
Business Plan £100,000
Business Plan £30,000
Business Plan £5,000
Business Plan £750
Business Plan £500
Business Plan £250
Business Plan Less than all the above
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