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BT Business Reward - Capped call rates

Capped UK* landline calls

UK local and national calls (01 & 02 numbers only) cost from just 2.6p per minute – depending on the tier you select - and have a set up fee of 2p. With BT Business Reward we've set a 10p ceiling on the cost of most UK calls you make under an hour. So while calls can cost less than 10p, they needn't cost any more.

Capped UK** Mobile calls

Enjoy low costs from your landlines to most mobiles anywhere in the UK with calls capped at 25p for calls of up to 60 minutes' duration - So when you call most  mobile numbers from your landline, you pay just 25p for a call lasting an hour.
Capped International† calls

With BT Business Reward, customers can enjoy capped International call costs.  A call of up to 60 minutes need cost no more than just 10p to the USA whilst calls to most of Europe and  Pacific Rim countries, can cost just 20p for up to 60 minutes.*

Call rates

By signing up to BT Business Reward, you can benefit from capped rates to UK* landlines, most UK** mobiles and many international destinations†. Full details of pricing can be found below.

Capped Landline Rates

Below are the capped rates, set up fees and the pence per minute rate you will pay according to the tier you select:
  • 10p for calls lasting up to an hour to all 01 and 02 numbers
  • A set up fee of 2p
Pence per minute rates after the cap available per tier:
Tier 1 Year 2 Year
£200 3.5p 3.1p
£500 2.7p 2.6p
£5,000 2.6p 2.5p
£30,000 2.5p 2.4p
£100,000 2.4p 2.3p
£200,000 2.3p 2.2p

Capped mobile calls

To take advantage of capped rates to most UK** mobile you will need to opt in when you place your orderm full details of rates are in the table below.

Mobile Cap 25p
Set up fee 7p

Capped international calls

To benefit from capped international calls, you willl need to opt in whe signing up for BT Business Reward. Full details of rates are below.

International cap 10p/20p
Set up fee 3p

BT Business Reward - Capped call rates
BT Business Reward - Capped call rates
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