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BT MeetMe

BT MeetMe is a personalised conferencing service. It allows you (the Chairperson) and up to 20 additional parties to speak together in a conference call.

As the service is always available, it allows you to interact over the phone and/or the Web, whenever you want, without the need for pre-booking.


Why would I want to do this?
Have you ever worked out how much it costs to get people together for a meeting? Not only is there the cost to the business of providing meeting rooms, but then there are travel costs, travel time and its resultant loss of productivity.

And then, how often do you find that those meetings only took a small amount of time to conduct the important business matters? Isn't it often the case that all those people have just come from different parts of the building, or even different locations, to discuss what in reality took less time than to get there and back?

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Say in just one phone call what would normally take multiple calls;


How often do you need to ring a whole team (e.g. a Sales Team or Virtual Team) to tell them an important message or problem and discuss the options/outcome. Normally you would have to ring each individual, and not necessarily just once, to do this. The alternative is waiting for them all to read an email and return their response likewise. This introduces a long time delay before a resolution can be achieved. This does not need to be the case anymore. Just arrange a Conference call using BT MeetMe and the resolution will be found more quickly. This allows you to manage your customers/managers expectations much more quickly and decisively.


For example, one of the easiest ways to upset a Customer is when they have a need to call you regarding a complaint and the Customer ends up being transferred from one employee to the next whilst each deals with their part. The Customer ends up feeling that they have been passed from pillar to post. If all parties involved were to participate together on the call, it could be resolved quickly and more efficiently. This gives you a competitive advantage. If you are not going to use this, then your competitors will!


For those people already working from home, this now gives you the ability to participate in multi-person conversations, share tools, share information etc. giving you the advantages you would normally be used to when present in the office environment, yet still realising all the cost saving benefits of Homeworking. To see a customer perspective on this then click the following link to view "Striking a Balance Through Homeworking".
BT MeetMe
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Up to 20 additional parties to speak together
BT MeetMe - Speaker Phone
    Key features

  • Participants from up to 40 locations across the country
  • 'Always-on', so no need to book
  • Passcodes are personal to your meeting room and always remain the same
  • Conference lock to bar outsiders, even the operator, from sensitive conversations
  • Mute and unmute participants, to prevent interference from background noise
Communications made easy   Please note that calls may be monitored or recorded.   Help reduce your carbon footprint
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