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The most popular phoneconferencing service ever helps UK company make its mark in the global network.

The BT Conference Call MeetMe service is now BT Conferencing’s most popular product ever.  Since its launch in January 2001, over 10,000 companies have chosen BT MeetMe for their phoneconferencing needs.   The simple to set up service saves companies time, money and environmental impacts. And it’s about to reach millions more customers in new markets worldwide.

One such customer is Hulley and Kirkwood (H & K), the largest mechanical and electrical engineering practice in Scotland, with projects at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and the NEC in Birmingham.  H & K has an office in Gibraltar and another scheduled to open in Kuala Lumpur soon, so projects are often managed by employees spread across the globe.   This fact alone has made regular liaison difficult in the past, due to the time and cost limitations of travelling to meetings.

However, the introduction of BT MeetMe has meant no more wasted hours spent travelling to and from meetings as all H & K employees have a BT MeetMe number and passcode, giving access to their own private ‘virtual meeting room’, 24 hours a day.  So, time difference barriers are overcome and global project teams can meet up without ever having to leave their desks!

Derek Graham, IT Manager at H & K, explains his thinking behind the introduction of phoneconferencing.  “What impressed me about the BT MeetMe service was the pure simplicity of it.  The conferencing facility is available 24/7 and all we need is a telephone.   No pre-booking is required so we can arrange a conference call within minutes.  And, if we need to cancel at the last minute, we can do so without incurring any costs.”

Derek continued, “Aside from obviously improving communications and efficiency, we have saved thousands of pounds by reducing travel costs, and, of course, we’re pleased to be doing our bit for the environment by reducing the negative impacts of business travel.”

David Sales, director of BT Conferencing, said, “BT MeetMe is the ideal tool for instant communication with colleagues and clients.   All you need do is distribute the BT MeetMe telephone number along with the date and time of the call and participant pass-codes, and anyone can enter the virtual meeting room.  We are delighted that we have been able to meet demand for a simple, efficient conferencing service. Everybody is aiming to make their lives simpler and less hectic, and BT MeetMe fits into this lifestyle choice perfectly.”

“BT Conferencing has a unique understanding of the way businesses meet and work, so we are able to build high quality conferencing solutions that are tailored to meet these needs.”

A truly global service available around the clock, BT MeetMe is already in operation in the UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong.  And the service will be rolled-out to customers in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany later this month.

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