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Successful Employee Communications - The Conferencing Way

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Don’t Like Monday’s? BT Conferencing has a perfect solution!

BT Conferencing has found a unique solution to keeping its 720 employees across the globe informed and involved in current activities within the company: The Monday Call.

The Monday Call began in December 2001 and is a weekly phoneconference chaired by the Director of BT Conferencing, David Sales. Every member of BT Conferencing is invited to join the call, and has the option of either dialling in on the phone or listening live via the web using BT ConferenceStream.

The aim of the call is to keep employees completely up to date on all that is going on within the business. Content is gathered from across the various departments within BT Conferencing and includes details of account ‘wins’, updates on sales figures, service enhancements or product launches, news from the last week in BT Conferencing and previews of what is coming up in the next week.

The Monday Call is at the very heart of BT Conferencing’s employee communications strategy – a real challenge with people located in eight countries across the globe. Employees find it invaluable as it allows them regular access to the Director of BT Conferencing and the opportunity to ask any questions of him or other colleagues on the call.

David sees it as key and wherever he is in the world he will always endeavour to chair the call - David has been known to chair it from Boston and even from an airport! He comments:
“Since introducing the Monday Call we have been extremely pleased with its effectiveness. With so many demands on my time, on my people’s time, and due to the fact that we have operations all over the world, it is often not easy to keep in touch. I therefore always ensure that this call happens as it allows us to focus on current and forthcoming activity together – which is key in a fast moving organisation. We can share information quickly, motivate our people, and most of all help everyone to feel part of a team.”

With hundreds of people on the call at any one time, effective management is key. David Sales and the Co-ordinator (provided by BT Conferencing) are therefore the only people who can speak initially, with all other participants simply listening.
At the beginning of the call employees are welcomed by the Co-ordinator who then introduces David Sales to speak. Once David has finished his communications briefing, the call is opened out to a question and answer session so all employees can simply press *1 on their key pad and ask a question in real time.

The call is easy to set up and use. It is always held on the same day and at the same time each week – ensuring that all employees know when to put it in their diaries. Every member of BT Conferencing is emailed a reminder on Monday morning and can join the call live that afternoon. Those who can’t make the live call can either dial into a recording at any time during the following week or access it via the web using BT ConferenceStream – making it easy for employees to keep up to speed at their leisure. For example employees in Asia Pacific use the recorded version as they are generally asleep when the call is held in the UK!

Let's See What you Look Like Once a Month!

The Monthly Core Brief is also key to BT Conferencing's employee communications strategy. This has been running successfully for a year and is held using BT SeeMe - BT's own dedicated videoconferencing service - linking people together across the UK and overseas.
The video Core Brief is unique. Using a similar format to a live TV 'talk show', it provides a monthly update of all that is happening at BT Conferencing as a compelling and real time visual presentation.

BT Conferencing's Core Brief is hosted by Employee Comms Manager Maz Brandwood. Maz collects the big news stories from across BT Conferencing and presents them live via videoconference using interviews and discussions with special guests. Guests can be anyone from within the company who has news to share. In addition to the Head of Finance, who provides monthly updates on revenue and EBIT results, David Sales also has a regular slot to report on key issues from wider BT, announce star awards and new joiners, promotees etc.
Time is also taken to switch between each of the different sites across the UK and overseas as part of an interactive question and answer session.

The beauty of the monthly video Core Brief is that it offers employees the chance to see as well as hear from David and other colleagues in a live and interesting format wherever they are located on a regular basis. Such is the popularity of the Core Brief that Maz gets continual requests from employees across the business asking if they can appear as a guest!

Like the Monday Call, the Core Brief is simple to arrange. BT SeeMe video suites can be booked in advance and the call is managed on the day by the BT SeeMe dedicated team of experienced Co-ordinators. Those who cannot join the Core Brief for whatever reason can request a video tape of the content for viewing at their leisure - everyone can keep in touch.

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Successful Employee Communications
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